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Welcome to Kima's Krib! This web site is dedicated to Sonja Sohn, the actress who plays Shakima Greggs (“Kima”), on the new HBO series “The Wire”

Kima is a tough-as-nails Baltimore City narcotics detective... who just happens to be a lesbian.

--^-- Tap into The Wire --^--
HBO Sundays @ 10pm.

 8.31.02 is asking viewers their opinions about the realism of the portrayal of Omar as a gay thug. 
The previous three episodes are re-airing tonight, beginning at 8pm. After that, just two more new episodes are left in the season, beginning with Ep. 12 on Sunday. I'm biting my nails to find out what will happen to Kima :-\. If you've missed any episodes, stay tuned to this site for more news of when they are re-airing. 
The Sonja Sohn Site has officially launched today! Please browse the site, let me know what you think, and sign up to receive updates. 
A temporary welcome page is set up for the future home of The Sonja Sohn Site. 

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